TimeSpotter is the only timer app you need. It includes an interval timer, countdown timer and a stopwatch so it can meet all of your timer needs. While TimeSpotter is primarily used as a fitness tool, it also works great in other areas such as productivity, meditation and cooking.


TimeSpotter is free to download and has the following features:


Interval Timer

Perfect for high intensity interval training (HIIT), this timer allows you to set preparation, work, rest and cool down times, as well as the number of sets.


Countdown Timer

The countdown timer allows you to quickly set your time for a designated task, such as planking, pull up hangs or cooking.



Keep track of your split and total times with the stopwatch. Save your time and then see if you can beat it the next time out.


Runs in the Background

The timers also run in the background so you don’t have to keep referring back to the app to see your time.



TimeSpotter Premium

If you upgrade to TimeSpotter Premium, you will get access to all these additional features:


Save Unlimited Timers

Save as many timers as you want for quick referral. For example, if you have a high intensity interval workout that you perform several times a week, you can set it up once and then easily choose it from the saved timer menu thereafter.


Set Preparation Time

Most timers start immediately and don’t give you any time to prepare. The preparation setting allows you to set your prep time so you can get into position before the workout starts.


Samsara Timer

Get a samsara timer for the stopwatch, giving you a periodic “ding” when it’s time to change exercises or positions. This feature is perfect for yoga and meditation.


Race Against Yourself

Select a previous stopwatch time and then see if you can beat your previous results.


Custom Alerts and Sounds

Play around with the sounds and see what combination works best for you.


Download TimeSpotter for free now.