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Fitness Goals - Why, How & Reinforced

This video is about your fitness goals.

Your goals are important because without a purpose and goals you'll never get results.

When creating your goals you'll eventually write them in a SMART format.

This makes your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

You should write your goals down in the past tense, even though you'll complete them in the future.

Writing goals in the past tense reinforces a psychological sense of accomplishment and this autosuggestion helps you in staying focused, believing in yourself, and achieving them.

Even once you've written your goals down, it's important to refer to them often.

Referring to them often reinforces them further and keeps you focused.

A good way to refer to them often is to turn your goals into works of art.

A wallpaper on your phone with imagery and text is a great example.