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Fitness Programming - Introduction - What, Who, & Why?

Fitness programming is a personalized training program that you create for yourself.

Training has a purpose and requires planning.

Exercising is not the same as training.

Exercising is does not have purpose and is an end in itself.

A lot of people exercise and can't get results.

This means they have some goal for themselves that they are not achieving.

If they want to achieve something they should start training.

Training with purpose will produce results.

Programming is the planning to take us where we want to go.

Planning requires understanding your current level, where you want to go, and the tools to get there.

The tools to get there doesn't necessarily mean what machines to use in the gym.

Tools include exercises, training protocols, and proper rest and nutrition.

Beginners shouldn't do their own programming.

They should work through prebuilt programs that have stood the test of time.

These programs are widely available for free on the internet.

People who have worked through several programs and have experience knowing what works for them and what doesn't are people who should consider programming for themselves.

Most of these people will be in the 1000 pound club for men or the 600 pound club for women.

This a good threshold for strength.

There are other ways of measuring strength, but this is the most direct method that strips everything down to one number.

This number is within reach for pretty much everyone.

To calculate your total add up your one repetition max for the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

If the total is over 1000 pounds then you're considered strong and experienced enough to start programming for yourself.

If you're below that threshold continue working through other programs.

The purpose for training usually falls into one of several buckets: increased general work capacity, strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, and endurance.

Your expectations of your performance must be rooted in your prior experience, knowledge, and pragmatism.

Once you have purpose you can move on to creating goals in the next video...